To Make a Difference, You’ve Got to Show Up

We all dream of the overnight success. We dream of waking one morning to find that the time has finally arrived and all our prayers have been answered. But the hard truth – and the clear reality – is that making change takes time. And persistence.

I was reminded of this after reading a message from the CEO of social media analytics platform, Digivizer, Emma Lo Russo. She was reflecting on a post by Seth Godin, encouraging his readers to “hang in there”. Godin explains it this way:

Is there anything more difficult?

Showing up day after day, week after week, sometimes for years, as your movement slowly gains steam, as your organization hits speed bumps, as the news goes from bad to worse…

Showing up, it turns out, is the hardest part of making a difference.

Make a list of the organizations and voices and movements that have made a difference. How old are they? How long have they been at it?

Creating impact, building something of substance, changing the culture… this is the work of a lifetime, not merely a fun project.

It’s not easy, but I have a feeling you’re up for it. Because it matters.

When we think about Vibewire and of the hundreds of startups and freelance businesses that have kicked off, grown and moved on, it’s something that rings true. There is something about the grind of innovation and ambition. There is something about the tenacity of purpose. And there is something about commitment that truly turns a good idea into a force that can change the world.

So as you look to the week ahead, remember you matter. You’re making a difference. You’re changing the world, one hour at a time. And you do that by showing up.

Lucy Wire

Conceived in the Valley of Hunters, Lucy dragged all her belongings to Sydney in 2007, wanting to take a hungry bite out of Australia's Big Red Apple... and so began her passionate love affair with Vibewire Youth Inc.

The non-profit youth org saw Lucy take a swing at every curve ball, including Communications, Human Resources, Editing, Design and Business Development. In the last year she has settled down as one of Vibewire's Online Community Managers, loving the close contact she has with Vibewire's supporters on Facebook (link).

Academically, Lucy has dabbled in a variety of fields, including Literature, History, Arts and finally finding her place in a degree of Media and Communications at Sydney University.

When she isn't rolling with the Communications Team at Vibewire, you'll find her pointing her SLR at beautiful landscapes, break-dancing in her living room, and wine-tasting at her birthplace.