Startups – Don’t be a unicorn, be a cockroach

There once was a beast so rare that it was believed to be mythical. The unicorn – a symbol of purity and grace was often thought of as a white horse with a long horn. In the early days of startups, the “unicorn” was adopted to describe those rare high growth businesses with a valuation of $1 billion. They were equally rare and thought to be mythical.
These days, however, the valuations of startups can be measured well beyond the billion-dollar-mark – especially where those valuations are based on forecasted growth trajectories that are not measured in percentages but in multiples (think 10 times current earnings, not 10% of current earnings).
As you might suspect, unicorns (and their even rarer counterparts, decacorns and hectocorns etc) are the topic of hot conversation at most startup conferences. But at the recent PauseFest event, investors suggested that it is time to rethink this. What investors are looking for is not the unicorn, but the cockroach.
In this video, Suzanne Nguyen interviews PauseFest MC, George Siosi Samuels, to learn more about these cockroaches, why they have investors’ attention and the skills that founders must develop to attract investment.

Lucy Wire

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