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At Vibewire, we get to meet and work with some of the most talented and passionate young people in Sydney – designers, entrepreneurs, producers, activists, musicians, freelancers, campaigners, consultants, you name it.

What sucks is that they don’t get to meet each other.

Working on your bedroom floor or at the local cafe, you don’t get to meet people who could help you with your project, be that with their time, their ideas or their networks.

Talk to anyone who’s started a project on their own, and they’ll tell you how important that support and feedback is.

That’s why coworking spaces have popped up all over Australia and the world – to get freelancers and entrepreneurs out of the house and into communities where they can collaborate, expand their networks, and stay motivated on the often lonely journey.

Vibewire has run a coworking space on Harris St since 2006. In 2015 we did something radical with it.

A new breed of coworking

We refurbished and relaunched the coworking space in March, with membership at just $50 per month – hundreds of dollars cheaper than every other coworking space in Sydney.

Home to a community of do-ers of every type, the common room is exclusive to 28s and under.

the common room is a coworking, event and community space, minutes from Central station and ultra-affordable at $50 a month.

Ultra-affordable coworking, event and community space, minutes from Central station.

We aim to bring together a cohort of people who are in the same boat – staring down their 20s, figuring out what’s what, but knowing one thing for sure: that they want to work on things that make them happy.

Now, don’t get us wrong – there are plenty of opportunities at the Common Room to network with and learn from experts across all industries. But the core of the vision is about connecting young guns with young guns; giving each member a diverse network of up-and-comers.

Vibewire was founded to be a launchpad for young people, and what better way than to provide a cheap, central community space to meet other movers-and-shakers, and make shit happen.

Welcome to the Vibewire common room.

The Details

Located at 525 Harris St in Ultimo, Vibewire is a 5 minute walk from Central Station and surrounded by great cafes, pubs and parks.
The space is just over 200m2, with heaps of natural light from the glass front wall.


The common room has everything you need to get your productive on.

– superfast wi-fi

– open-plan meeting room, fits 10

– fridge, kitchen, crockery, etc

– bike racks out front!

– telephone room for private conversations

– plants ~~~~




The access card system gives members 24 hour access, meaning you can ue the space for your day to day needs, after work projects or last minute all-nighters.


The common room is a fully equipped event space, playing host to a mix of members only and public workshops, exhibitions, magazine launches, board games nights, late night parties and more.



We are grateful for support from the City of Sydney.

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Membership is by application only and just $50/month + GST. There is also a once-off joining fee of $100 + GST.



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