A Very Serendipitous Occasion

Vital lives are about action. You can’t feel warmth unless you create it, can’t feel delight until you play, can’t know serendipity unless you risk.

―Joan Erickson


Last night at the Vibewire Common Room, Tim Longhurst graced us with his presence for our first ever Wednesday Evenings short talks. The theme, Serendipity, was well suited to the atmospheric vibe created by the modest group of strangers seated in a cosy circle. There were drinks, nibbles and warm introductions.

As an undeniably successful futurist, change maker and keynote speaker, Tim Longhurst held all the qualities that habitually cause me to feel jealousy and unease. But with Tim, it was impossible for any feelings of apprehension to arise. He was engaging, effortlessly hilarious, and spoke with conviction and animation. He reflected on the 5 chance encounters that changed his life and led him to where he is now. Tim made it easy to reflect on our own serendipitous moments, our stories and fortuitous experiences.

Serendipitous moments can be inspiring, pleasantly surprising and can even mark a turning point in your life. It can be hard sometimes to experience these chance encounters or make them happen. Tim shared his dad’s first piece of advice with us: ‘Be nice to strangers’. You will never know if the stranger seated next to you on the bus is the one person who will solve your biggest problem, help you to seize opportunity or be the person you fall in love with. Don’t leave these invaluable moments up to luck.

Last night was the first of many Wednesday evenings short talks – so you haven’t missed out! Next Wednesday, we are excited to hold our next short talk, with another amazing speaker lined up. I strongly encourage to mark the day in your calendar to be inspired and connect with the talented Vibewire community. Everyone has a story to tell, it just needs to be told.


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