Kickstarting Creative Startups @ StartupSundays

The bright, early summer sun was streaming through the front windows while Harris Street woke itself from its inner city slumber. Out on the street, families seek out breakfast and coffee. Spotify cranks out some weekend tunes, and our startup mentors rock up to share their expertise and insights with budding young entrepreneurs.

Markus Hafner, Eliot Redelman and Jessica Marcellienus were kept on their toes, adapting their knowledge and pre-prepared material for the young entrepreneurs who joined us. There’s always a mix of entrepreneurial maturity on offer – but this week the mentors are working with very early stage businesses. There are basic ideas. More mature concepts. Great passion. But very little in the way of business modelling. And the focus is resolutely creative rather than technical.

Over in one part of the Vibewire Common Room, Markus and Eliot are firing questions at the entrepreneurs. It’s rapid and active. They are seeking bedrock in a sea of ideas, and challenging questions are par for the course. Jessica, meanwhile is teasing out the trail of dollars in a creative endeavour. She’s stepping Naomi through a lean canvas, helping her to get her ideas and concepts out of her mind and onto a single page.

After a couple of rounds we wrap up. The entrepreneurs write up their notes and scribble down last minute pitch ideas. We finish our coffees and head out into the bright sunlight to take on the rest of a summer Sunday.

If you have a creative, social or tech idea you’d like to turn into a business, come along to Startup Sundays. You can sign up here. It’s the best way for an entrepreneur to spend a Sunday morning.

Lucy Wire

Conceived in the Valley of Hunters, Lucy dragged all her belongings to Sydney in 2007, wanting to take a hungry bite out of Australia's Big Red Apple... and so began her passionate love affair with Vibewire Youth Inc.

The non-profit youth org saw Lucy take a swing at every curve ball, including Communications, Human Resources, Editing, Design and Business Development. In the last year she has settled down as one of Vibewire's Online Community Managers, loving the close contact she has with Vibewire's supporters on Facebook (link).

Academically, Lucy has dabbled in a variety of fields, including Literature, History, Arts and finally finding her place in a degree of Media and Communications at Sydney University.

When she isn't rolling with the Communications Team at Vibewire, you'll find her pointing her SLR at beautiful landscapes, break-dancing in her living room, and wine-tasting at her birthplace.