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I’m Cass, the GM here at Vibewire. I am next level excited to debut a project we’ve been working on for months – the launch of the common room.Shrouded behind mystic jargon a la ~~ changemakers ~~, Vibewire is a pretty straightforward not for profit. We exist to give young people a bit more agency over their future and the future of the world they live in, and maybe a little more excitement/hope.

The common room is a vision for a workspace and community that brings together the many young people in Sydney doing awesome shit, and helps them do even more awesome shit.tilde

The Year 12 common room at my high school was the heart of the grade, and anchors my high school memories. It was where everyone in the year met properly and kind of all became friends, and survived a crappy year together; sharing notes, food, instruments, memes, etc.

The Vibewire common room harks back to that, recreating something sadly absent from life in unconventional employment – a cohort.

It’s been a really fun, challenging journey running Vibewire for the last year, and I’ve gotten to meet some ridiculously talented people on the way. 20 something, madly hustling, changing the world and/or making it rain – who have inspired and supported and motivated me, often just by mere proximity.

But I wish I got to meet people like that more often.

You get a bit lonely and crazy working long hours on an obscure project with a small/sometimes nonexistent team.

Even more than that, I wish I got to work with these awesome peeps – pick their brains, come up with new projects, tap into their networks, offer them mine.

And that’s basically what the common room is about. Creating a really tight knit community of people who are all doing different things, and who can add value to each other’s work and life.


I know – coworking spaces already exist all over Sydney/the world to do exactly that. But none of them are affordable – $400+ a month for a desk is out of the question when I pay a f*cked up amount for rent and you know, work at a non-profit.

So. There you go. Welcome the common room.

$50 a month. Actually goddamn affordable.

5 minutes from Railway Square.

Beautifully furnished, with lovely light, excellent cafes nearby and a kitchen + fridge for those #budget lunches.

Full to the brim with exciting, interesting, passionate, busy people, working on a hundred different things.

We’ve already been featured on StartupSmart and BusinessInsider ruffling some feathers, and we’ve got some pretty exciting partnerships to be announced in the coming weeks.


If you had a common room or if you’ve used a coworking space before, you’ve got a good idea of what the Vibewire common room will be like.

If not: imagine a (beautiful, Scandi-esque) library. Desks, computers, armchairs and couches, a quiet phone room, neat kitchen, and a meeting room. Perfect to get work done, have meetings, watch 4 hours of Broad City – whatever the day calls for.

Now imagine everyone who uses the library is an interesting, exciting, good-looking person under 28, and also you’re friends with them, and the library runs heaps of workshops and drinks nights and gallery events and the occasional late night party.

Yeah? Yeah.

I’m so freakin excited about the Common Room – it’s going to be such a fun, valuable community to be a part of, and when the refurb finishes in a few weeks, it will be a beaut place to get work done, have meetings, hold events, ‪#‎ideate‬ and more.


Check out the details, apply if you’re interested, and most importantly – please pass it on to anyone you know who would benefit from the common room. We know they’re out there, doing cool shit – in their living room, at a cafe, at uni – we want them here. We made this for them.

Spread the word like nutella on toast.

The post Introducing the Common Room appeared first on Vibewire.

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