welcome to vibewire

Vibewire is a Sydney incubator and co-working space led by young people for young people. We provide a co-working environment and act as a launchpad for young people with brilliant ideas– Vibewire provides the resources, networks and programs needed to enable you to do something amazing.

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what we do

At Vibewire, we have the most talented and passionate young people in Sydney – designers, entrepreneurs, producers, activists, musicians, freelancers, campaigners, consultants, you name it – and we’re looking for more!

What sucks is that they don’t get to meet each other.

Working on your bedroom floor or at the local cafe, you don’t get to meet people who could help you with your project, be that with their time, their ideas or their networks.

Talk to anyone who’s started a project on their own, and they’ll tell you how important that support, testing and feedback is.

That’s why coworking spaces have popped up all over Australia and the world – to get freelancers and entrepreneurs out of the house and into communities where they can collaborate, expand their networks, and stay motivated on the often lonely journey.


A co-working environment for creative entrepreneurs


soapbox club

vibewire’s improv workshops to exercise your think-on-your-feet muscles

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