Each generation gets put through the gauntlet of political, social, and cultural issues, but the children of today may have it worse than everyone else.
Join us this month for “Think of the Children”.
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As the cost of living goes up, people have begun developing a green thumb. In Australia, 52% of households grow
their own food.  For London, almost a third of all Britons. Seed sales have risen in the US as more and more people
start up their own agricultural projects in their backyards.
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Can you be happy and unhealthy? 60% of Australia are considered obese, and health system is buckling
under the weight of it all. But if you’re happy with the way you are, does it matter?
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You’re far from home, your phone or tablet’s battery display reads a demoralising ‘3%’.
You’ll somehow have to survive the train or car ride home without a form of personal entertainment.
Rest easy, tech-lovers. Be assured that this terror will soon be a thing of a past.
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