In the midst of the upcoming G20 to be hosted here on our soil, young delegates from across the globe – from Japan to Mexico – gathered in Sydney to discuss a growing problem that could have a chilling effect for our economy, our health, and our future for generations to come.
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A former corporate lawyer and academic turned comedian, Alice Fraser has found comedy to be a unifying force for discussion and the greater good. She sat down to chat with Vibewire before her fastBREAK appearance later this month.
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For better or worse, trends are like viruses. They infect, spread, and mutate
uncontrollably across our social psyche. Trending…
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Welcome to the Sydney Mini Maker Faire! For the 2014 Sydney Design Festival,
Vibewire spoke with innovators and enthusiasts for 3D printing and Robotics at The Powerhouse Museum.
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fastBREAK July 2014 – Forever Young Review

fastBREAK July 2014 – Forever Young Review

July’s fastBREAK featured a range of speakers from all walks of life; people who despite facing the uncertainty of adulthood, maintained a ‘forever young’ ethic by embracing their childhood passions.

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Get excited! fastBREAK is back for another morning of inspiration, creativity and networking. On Friday, September 26 five speakers will get five minutes each to impress, educate and entertain at the Powerhouse Museum. This month’s theme, PARANOID ANDROID, explores the power of technology to connect people, ideas and social causes in an ever changing reality, with talks by ex band manager and now tech entrepreneur, Rebekah Campbell, comedian, Alice Fraser, social entrepreneur, Jay Boolkin, food blogger, Jennifer Lam, and Jess Miller, who is using the Internet to get people off the Internet.

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