Vibewire Hack4Homelessness

Helping to solve the social, technical, cultural and behavioural challenges of homelessness.

Vibewire’s #Hack4Homelessness
April 5-7, 2019

A new approach to social impact innovation

Why are we

hacking homelessness?

Returning to our social impact hackathon program this March we will see around 100 participants, mentors, and subject matter experts assemble to collaborate on new approaches to homelessness. They will be led in their co-design by people with the lived experience of homelessness – working across the weekend to deliver ground-breaking solutions.

New South Wales has the highest rates of homelessness in the country. A third of homeless resulting from domestic violence and relationship issues, a third resulting from accommodation issues and 22% resulting from financial difficulties.

Young people are disproportionately represented in these figures. And while we would like to solve homelessness for all, we have a particular focus on connecting young people with opportunity to help them create the future – and you can join us.

How to

get involved

Hackathons are a perfect vehicle to connect disparate groups including:

  • Socially-aware businesses: Companies that understand the importance of a “social license to operate” can bring resources to support hackathon challenges, including expertise, data and financial support
  • Governments and agencies: Deep understanding of the policy levers available can help participants create sustainable solutions
  • Homeless people: We believe in the power of co-design and will actively engage homeless young people in the development of the hackathon
  • Social, creative and tech entrepreneurs: We need to rethink the way that we tackle this challenge. This means tapping networks of those who are able to quickly imagine, create and prototype solutions to homelessness.

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