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Our 5 Finalist’s were asked: Can we improve technology through ‘human touch’?

Their Ideas:

Do we actually listen? Refugees need their experiences and journeys shared. When we look at these stories, we see an undeniable divorce between what we hear and the refugee experience. It’s the root cause of the refugee problem – a lack of employment, the denial of basic rights, and limited access to opportunities. These are all symptoms of the underlying stigma facing refugees when they arrive at their destination of refuge.

We are four University of Sydney students with a bold ambition to transform the conventionally conservative theatre arts industry through the marriage of emerging creative art-forms and the ever-more-relevant refugee story.

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A firefighter never knows what dangers or heartache will await them when they are on call as no fire is ever predictable, and no two fires are the same.

Will there be a charred child in the corner of a bedroom, cowering from a collapsed ceiling and a burning floor? Will they be able to save a life, or will they have to recover a body? Will they hug grateful survivors, or hug the relatives of dead victims? Will they be running up the stairs of a burning skyscraper or running for their lives from a collapsing building?

Firefighters are constantly aware of these dangers. To some, it might seem foolish to risk your own life to rescue someone you’ve never met, and may never see again, but while firefighters don’t want to die, just like anyone else, they do what needs to be done.

Our mission

BuzzyTV creates opportunities for social learning through multiplayer games. We are a games platform with a difference: our goal is to empower and educate through live interactive play.

The experience we deliver

Local multiplayer technology allows us to turn any screen into a live game, which anyone in the vicinity can join and play, as their mobile becomes the controller for the screen. The space becomes alive merging technology with learning and fun, bringing out the human nature of playfulness. Our aim is to turn mobile use on its head: it becomes a tool to access a world of social play, as you collaborate and compete live with those around you. We take those 10 minutes of smartphone or tablet self-absorption and turn them into 10 minutes of discovery, creativity and social interaction: you are looking up, engaged and alert, discussing, playing and contributing in a shared screen experience.