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What’s on at Vibewire?

Every day, week and month, Vibewire has something happening. It could be one of our Skills Gym programs that see young people developing their enterprise skill set. It could be one of our community members hosting a poetry slam, corporate event or workshop. Be sure to check out our calendar and register for one of our events.

Entrepreneurs Anonymous

Part networking, part candid panel talks, we bring some of Sydney’s most inspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders together to unpack the dark, gritty underbelly of what it’s like to start something of your own, confessing their deepest darkest secrets to failure and success.

Speed Mentoring

It’s like regular mentorship, but speedier! Come make micro connections with major experts and successful types who will no doubt impart some wisdom, and gain a lot from you in return. At worst, there will be beer.

Pitch Nights

Every once in a blue moon when the planets align, we throw an epic evening where we guide the entrepreneurial-minded through the process of conceptualising and pitching their business idea to a panel of faux-investors that often turn into real investors. What could you dream up if you had the resources and the place to do it?


At least once a year, we take a big audacious problem our community is being faced with. Past hackathons have included homelessness, domestic violence, mental health and many more. We bring minds of all walks and experiences to spend two days working on a meaningful solution. It’s a great way to learn how to problem solve differently and learn from others!

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