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When I first joined Vibewire I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what I was going to be doing for OnRamp. This program was completely new and the board entrusted me to bring their idea to life. All I knew was that the goal was to close the wage gap. Future jobs require 70% more enterprise skills aka people skills than it used to, and there were research proven skill sets that would boost people’s capabilities. We knew that women are less likely to ask for the job or ask for the pay rise. I’ve seen this in myself and the women around me as well.

Armed with this knowledge, we decided to build a program that targeted the issues on both ends. Not only do we build their confidence, but also their communication, leadership and presentation skills. Our board member Mike Biggs offered his knowledge of teaching in order to build a curriculum that we could work with. To make sure our curriculum was solid, we reached out to a few of Mike’s and Vibewire’s contacts, women who also had teaching experience and understood the issues we were tackling, to get their feedback.

Shoutout to Susan Wolfe, Tanya Wong and Melanie Kendell for your support on building the curriculum to elevate women’s careers! They shared great ideas that we wouldn’t have considered, helped with the structure and flow of the program to ensure it made sense. Perfect. Now all we needed were speakers…. (To be continued)