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Vibewire will be presenting at the Investing for Good 2017 conference!!

DEMYSTIFYING THE HACKATHON #hackforhomelessness Tackling the challenge of homelessness with a hackathon

Anne-Marie Elias, Chief Disruptor
Gavin Heaton, President, Vibewire

Investing for Good is a platform for organisations, government and investors to come together to explore financially sustainable ways to create social change. Designed to give attendees practical take-outs and key industry contacts, I4G helps us build partnerships that create social change and investment returns.

Thursday 9 November, 9am – 5pm
Australian Technology Park, 2 Locomotive St Eveleigh, Sydney

You can find the full program here

Our segment will include pitches from #Hack4homelessness teams Care Connect, Doti, Good Mates and Fair BnB:

Care Connect tackle the challenge of unused capacity with support services.

The Care Connect solution is to create a centralized booking system using Google calendars and a simple web interface.



Doti answer how we might we ensure there is a community safety net for every child in Australia to reduce the risk of homelessness?

The Doti solution to this challenge is to create a safe and secure physical and virtual community support network for all young people in Australia.

The Good Mates solution to this challenge is to provide a platform that brings together 15-23 year old young adults and people at and above the pension age. The young adults assist the pensioners and receive accommodation and a work opportunity that’ll lead to a profession in health care.

Homelessness and guidance for young adults leaving foster care in conjunction to support for aging community.

The Fair BnB solution to this challenge is to connect people looking for accommodation to share housing options.

Solving the problem of share housing.


Hope to see you there!